Our funeral home has a unique history and committed relationship working within the community. We invite you to explore our legacy.

Carl T. Routsong

(1889 -1975)
Founder of Routsong Funeral Home.

Thomas H. Routsong

Carl's son, joined the firm in 1952, as a licensed funeral director.

Martha "Marty" Routsong

(July 28, 1927 – July 12, 2008)
joined the firm in 1952 and received her funeral director's license in 1979.

Sometimes a tragedy can change the entire course of a man's life. That happened during the Dayton flood of 1913 to Carl T. Routsong, then a rural mailman. He stood at a window in the main post office and watched as the floodwaters washed away his horse and buggy. Without them, Carl could not keep his mail route. Fortunately, his brother-in-law, George Bradford, who had recently started Bradford and Gustin Funeral Home, was in need of extra help. In 1918, when Mr. Gustin retired, Carl entered into a partnership with George Bradford and the firm was founded.

Carl's son, Thomas H. Routsong, joined the firm in 1952. His wife, Martha joined the business in 1979, when she received her funeral director’s license. Their son, Thomas A. Routsong, also joined the business in 1979 and purchased the business from his father in 2002. Today, Thomas A. Routsong runs the three-generation family-owned and operated business, and is assisted by the fourth generation, sons Sam and Max.

Over the years we have grown to our present size through adherence to our guiding values; supporting families through the difficult end of life transition, being a positive influence in our community, and most importantly, always doing what is right. Our hard work and dedication to our families has not gone unnoticed; and we have been awarded the highest honor of the National Funeral Directors Association (The Pursuit of Excellence Award) over a dozen times.  

Routsong Funeral Home and our associates are members of the National Funeral Directors Association, Cremation Association of North America, International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association, Ohio Funeral Directors Association, Montgomery County Funeral Directors Association, and the Death Care Management Council. All these organizations are pledged to serve the public in accordance with prescribed ethical standards.

A lot has changed in Dayton during the last century, and the business today is completely different from when Carl started the firm. We are one of the few local family owned funeral homes in the Dayton area (and the very last in Centerville), but we are determined to preserve on our long and distinguished history well into the future. 

We are a caring Christian family, and our desire is to continue serving Dayton area families, in their time of need, as we have for over 100 years.


Thomas A. Routsong

Current owner and 3rd Generation Funeral Director


Samuel T. Routsong

4th Generation Funeral Director


Maxwell Routsong

Funeral Director Apprentice and 4th Generation

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