Why Choose Routsong Funeral Home

Why Choose Routsong Funeral Home

Compassionate Services With Competitive Prices


The most important thing to consider when choosing a funeral home is trust. Do you trust that your funeral director has your family's best interests at heart? Do you trust them to always be there for you during your time of need? Do you trust that they will get your loved one to where they need to go, and also get your family to where they need to be (on the path towards healing)?


At Routsong Funeral Home we do things differently. For instance, you can trust that none of our directors are compensated based on commission, so there won't be any pushy salespeople. You can trust that there will always be a licensed funeral director to guide you. So whether it is a funeral, visitation, memorial service, or celebration of life honoring your loved one, there is always a professional there that knows your family, and is standing by to help. You can trust that we will not advertise a "low low price" to get you in the door, then nickel and dime you once your loved one is in our care. And we certainly aren't a multinational corporation posing as a family-owned firm.


We are local, family-owned, and trusted by the communities of Dayton for over 100 years. We are Routsong Funeral Home, and we are the funeral home families can rely on.

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