Pet Services

Pet Services

We understand how deeply the loss of a pet can affect you and your family. A small memorial service for your departed animal can help you heal, and give your beloved pet the dignified farewell that he or she deserves.

The special bond that is formed between pets and the people who care for them can be everlasting. Pets are so integrated into our daily life; they truly become part of our family. They provide companionship, emotional support, and unconditional love during the time they share with us. That is why immense feelings of pain and loss are felt when they pass. Grief over the loss of a beloved pet is no different than grief over the loss of a loved one; it is a natural, normal, and necessary response. The first step to coping with your loss is deciding how to honor your pet.

At Routsong Pet Loss Services we help families by providing dignified and affordable options to memorialize your pet.

We pride ourselves on treating pets just like we would any other member of the family, so you can rest assured knowing that we will treat your loved one just as you would.

Paying tribute to your pet will help bring you closer to the day when memories will bring a smile to your face instead of tears.

M-F: 9am-5pm Sat: 9am-2pm Sun: Appointment only
*Arrangments can be made outside of regular hours with prior notice*

At Routsong Pet Loss Services, we offer two different types of cremation

Private: $245.00*

A Private cremation means your pet is the only pet in the crematory during the cremation process. This price includes a cherry-wood urn with brass nameplate, a paw print/hair clipping keepsake, and memorial folder.

TR Routsong with Beau, Duke, Lucy, and Layla

Semi-Private: $180.00*
A Semi-Private cremation means that more than one pet will be in the crematory at a time.  

However, pets are separated during the process so you will still receive your pets ashes back. A tin urn is included.

*Price includes pets between 1-30lbs. For every additional 1 lb please add $1.00*

**Pets over 100 lbs require a private service**


PawPals: Paw Print + Photo Keepsake: $50

Transfer /After Hours Fees

Transfer from residence (business hours) $155.00
Transfer from residence (after hours) $215.00
Transfer from veterinarian (business hours) $85.00
Transfer from veterinarian (after hours) $185.00
Delivery of pet to Routsong after hours $135.00

*pawprints and hair clippings are not available in every circumstance*

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